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About Me ...

First off, I want you all to know about me a little bit.

Certainly I'm not used to write hypes. As I always believe in truth I am going to tell you only the truth without any bit of exaggeration.

My real name is A X Vino Rayen. I'm a 52year old (DOB April 05, 1957) married man living in India with my wife and 4 kids. I feel a glow of pride to tell you that I don't have any family doctor for more than 27yrs now. Let me tell my true story (not a tall story) with 99.99% precision.

Before marriage, when I was in my 20s I was skin and bone, yes I was so lean that one could count my rib bones with his or her naked eyes. By then I was a poor eater. I was smoking more than 40 cigarettes per day. (No hype)

I spent almost all nights tossing on my bed trying to sleep in vain. My nervous system was not in good condition. Simply put I was so weak physically. It was horrible to attend the nature call in the mornings. I couldn't empty my bowel thoroughly which resulted in bad breath. I kept spending a lot on medications, injections, doctor fees etc.

On July 08, 1981 I got married to my wife Santhi Madona in Sacred Heart Cathedral, Tuticorin. (Tamilnadu, India.) I started living a newly married life with my beloved wife. By then I happen to see her 80yr old grandpa practicing Yoga Positions in the mornings. He was hale and hearty until his death. Had he not fallen down in the bathroom at the age of 85, he would have lived for few more years.

Through him I came to know about Hatha Yoga in my life. He presented me a valuable Yoga Book written by a great Indian Yoga Guru and I started reading the book precisely. Then I started practicing the yoga positions one by one, slowly and steadily.

The first improvement I felt was it eased my bowel movement. As a result the bad breath came to an end. So I could enjoy my wedded bliss without any barrier. (Explaining this further would be so nasty.)

The regular I practice yoga positions, the more I eat than before. So I put up weight to the desired level and I started looking good. My face became bright and from the day I started practicing yoga positions people kept telling me till date that I am not looking my age.

But I renounced smoking cigarette, drinking coffee and/or tea which habits are forbidden to yoga aspirants. I started practicing the yoga positions from the end of the year 1981 and till date I am spending not less than 1hr to practice yoga. Hatha Yoga has become part and parcel of my life.

Especially it gives me enough vigour to enjoy the wedded bliss till date. Every night is an excitement for me and I still feel as if I am a man in my 30s.

I forgot to tell you one important point. Soon after I started practicing yoga I started sleeping during nights without any difficulty .

The benefits I derived from Hatha Yoga are

  1. Sound Sleep
  2. Good appetite
  3. Activeness
  4. Putting up appropriate weight
  5. Not looking my age
  6. My physique is trim & tidy
  7. Never getting tired
  8. No pot belly
  9. Size of my pants & shirt remain the same
  10. People admire me very much

I can add up more points factually but it wouldn't be fair on my part to bore you like this. Now it has been more than 27 years since I started practicing these unique yoga positions. Till date I keep enjoying the benefits of practicing yoga positions and I want to share my experience with almost all in this world so that everyone can lead a disease-free life for lifetime.

Let me tell you a slogan here:-

Let's all start practicing Yoga today in order to create a disease-free world of tomorrow.

God Bless you.

Vino Rayen
Indian Yoga Teacher.

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