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Profit clicking review of the company

profit clicking reviewProfitClicking is the new program name for a program that was called Just Been Paid. Frederick Mann was the owner, developer and admin of the Just Been Paid (JBP, also known as JSS tripler). On August 2012 it was announced that Profit Clicking acquired Just Been Paid and that Frederick Mann has retired from his management role.


The Profit Clicking program is a little bit different than the former JSS program, so be careful when you are reading information in the internet not to confuse between the two.

ProfitClicking is a high return traffic exchange system. You don’t have to do a lot to make money with ProfitClicking. You certainly don’t have to sponsor other people. Of course that you will make more money if you recruit new members. More on that later.


In order to make money with ProfitClicking you must watch three 20 seconds ads per day, a process that takes about 1 minute. These ads belong to other members and to external advertisers, who choose to advertise in ProfitClicking knowing that members will be forced to watch their advertisement.


Profit Clicking review of how to make money

A cool thing about ProfitClicking is that they actually offer a $10 gift upon registration, so you can start this program completely FREE.


This $10 is exactly what you need in order to buy your first ad-package, which gives you “1000 advertising credits” to promote your own site or any other URL\link that you want to promote online. This means that your link will be getting 1000 impressions from ProfitClicking members who want to qualify for the daily revenue

The revenue share is where it gets interesting. With each ad-package you also get what is called a “position”. For every position that you hold, the company will give you 2% of its value every weekday, and 1% on the weekends.


After 88 days, the position expires. You can always withdraw the money that you earn, but if you let it accumulate you will get $15. Of course that the more “positions” that you have, the more money that you will make. And the more money that you make you can buy even more “ad-package positions”, to get more views to your websites, and earn even more money.


The ad-package positions earnings alone can already make you enough money. However there is a separate system within the program known as the PC-Panel (or “the Matrix”). It works quite the same as the “ad-package” just that a position in the Matrix costs $20 (plus you get an info product and more advertising credits), and after awhile you get $60 back.

The important thing to know here is if you pay a $15 quarterly subscription, every 4th expired ad-package position will give you a position within the matrix for FREE.



Is ProfitClicking stable

The reason that the company can pay you these earnings is because of the “restart feature” (also known as “ProfitShift”) which is a listed US Patent #6578010. In a situation where the rate of the program growth is larger than the rate of products sales, the company management is allowed to convert some of the ad-packages positions to matrix positions in order to maintain the stability of the program.


The profitShift is a key element that makes the program sustainable. From the introduction of the JSS-Tripler program in February 2011, there have already been 4 such “restarts”, the last one was on July 2012.

Although each member loses some of his ad-package positions, they are traded with matrix positions that also make money, just in a different rate. So probably your overall earning will decrease, however the program will be able to keep itself longer. According to the developers, with the “restart feature” the program should be alive forever.


Profit Clicking review of the referral program

We have already seen that you can make money without sponsoring (and even without initial purchase!). There are 2 ways to make a lot of money with Profit Clicking:

1) Buy hundreds or even thousands of ad-packages positions.

2) Refer people to this program, giving them the opportunity to choose whether it is a good decision for them to join and promote their business while making additional money.

And because it is free to join Profit Clicking, you won’t hear a lot the “no money objection“.

You get 10% for every transaction of your direct referrals, and 5% of all their referrals (ie. 2nd level).

Yes, this means that you get $1 even when someone joins for FREE.

And remember that most people don’t just sit around and do nothing. They buy positions and they reinvest their earnings to purchase even more positions to increase their earnings, and you will get a commission from all of these future transactions.


So even though it doesn’t sounds much, ProfitClicking compensation plan is VERY generous to the members.

Future developments

In my Profit Clicking review I have found out that the company is currently developing several systems that will help advertisers with online advertising solutions.

It is said that they are working on a CRM (Customer Relation Management) system, and a PPC (Pay per Click) system. Google, Facebook, Yahoo and all the big companies in the internet makes millions if not billions of dollars from PPC advertising, so just think about the possibilities here.

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