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Yoga Checklist

Yoga Remedy
Asthma, Constipation, Indigestion and Loss of Appetite
Sticking Stomach with Backbone / Uddiyana
Appendicitis, Constipation
Holding Clip Position / Yoga Muthra
Big Belly / Tummy
Combination of Cobra Position / Bhujangasana, Locust Position / Salabasana, Bow Position / Dhanurasana and Standing on Shoulder Position / Sarvangasana
Bowel Disorder / complaints, Bad Breath, Nervous Disorder
Sticking stomach with Backbone / Uddiyana, Turning intestine into a tube like structure - center, right side and left side / Nauli, Dhakshina Nauli and Vama Nauli.
Constipation, Piles complaint, Nervous Disorder and Male Impotence
Horse Position / Ashwini Muthra
Diabetes, Bad Breath, back pain, indigestion and constipation
Bow position / Dhanurasana
Elephantiasis, constipation and indigestion
Diamond position / Vajrasana
Heart Ailments, Phlegm, Asthma, whopping cough and lung related ailments
Breathing position / Pranayamam
Hip pain and Back pain
Triangle position / Thirihonasanam
Head ache, Indigestion, constipation, Piles, Stomach pain, chest pain, Heart related complaints, blood pressure, appendicitis, Impotence, tonsillitis, diabetes, Hysteria, Epilepsy, anemia
Standing on Shoulder Position / Sarvangasana
Indigestion, Constipation and sleeplessness
Peacock position / Mayurasana
Low Sperm count, Urinary complaint, chronic fever, indigestion, constipation, anemia, Menstrual complaints, Uterine complaints and Mouth ulcer.
Half Powerful position / Jhanusheersasana
Loss of appetite, diabetes, Male impotence, Stomach pain, Head ache, piles. Hip pain, Back pain, Nervous Disorder, Urinary complaints, Menstrual problems and shapeless figure
Head with knees position
Male Impotence (unique)
Plow Position / Halasana
Menstrual Problems, Nervous Exhaustion and Loss of Memory
Standing on Head Position / Sirasasana
Neck pain and Shoulder pain
Cobra position / Pujangasana
Stomach complaints
Lotus Position / Padmasana
Shapeless abdomen (especially for ladies after giving birth)
Locust Position / Salabasana
Stomach complaints
Half Lotus Position / Veerasana
Whooping Cough, Phlegm, Tuberculosis, Lung related diseases and narrow chest
Fish Position / Mathsyasana

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