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Goal Setting - The Most Effective Approach

Goal setting is an important step in becoming the person you want to become. No one randomly approaches life and gets anything that they want. This applies to all facets of life - not just fitness and exercise.

Do you want to know the most effective way maximize your life?

Try two-tiered goal setting.

Here’s what I mean - set both long AND short term goals. As I like to say:
Short term goals set the course, long term goals set the horizon.

In other words, set a big time long term goal and then back out several (or several hundred) short term or intermediate goals to keep yourself on track.

For weight loss (or should I say "fat loss"), if you want to drop a total of 10% body fat, you’d set that as a long term goal.

Then, you’d set intermediate goals in increments of 1%.

Why would you want to set yourself up like this? Why not just set one big, hairy goal to focus on on a day to day basis?

Two reasons:
  1. The sooner you can celebrate a victory, the easier it is to build momentum and excitement toward the "big" goal
  2. It allows you faster feedback on your journey. You may start out doing the wrong things and if you only have a long term goal with no stepping stones, then you might not know that you are going in the wrong direction until you’ve burned yourself out.
Remember, your goals shape your life - not the other way around. Just remember that.

Short term goals set the course, long term goals set the horizon and you’ll be a-okay.

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