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What You Get When You Get Serious

Simple Rules of Motivation.
  1. Set a major goal, but follow a specific path. The path may have several hills to climb but as you reach the top of each one you will learn success and this will drive you to continue and challenge yourself even more.
  2. Always finish what you start. A half finished project is of no use to anyone, especially you while you are on this journey. Doing half the job will ultimately give you half, if not less than half of the rewards.
  3. Socialize with people of the same mindest. Misery breeds does success.To be a success we must associate with successful people.
  4. Learn to learn. Asking questions to educate and improve oneself will guide you to a successful end. On the flip side asking people to do the work for you all the time will form a habit of never doing anything for yourself, thus never getting anywhere. In fact, when we learn the art of self-education we create opportunity.
  5. Become motivated. Motivation creates persistence and persistence gets the job done.
  6. Increase knowledge of subjects that interest you. The more we know, the more we want to learn about it. A self-propelled upward spiral develops.
  7. Take risk. Don't be afraid to try and fail. Thomas Edison failed allegedly over 6,000 times befor he invented the light bulb. He didn't think of it as failure, he viewed it as testing until he got it right.
What you get when you get started, success.

What you get when you get motivated, success.

What you get when you get through reading this article, that's up to you.

I want to hear about it when you get there.

Good luck!
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